The long-term aim of AGREEMAR is to optimize the hydrological balance in Mediterranean countries by developing governance models, management strategies, costs-benefits analyses, technical specifications and simulation tools to optimize the water storage in aquifers, enabling increased resilience to climate change.

The specific objectives are:

To validate, optimize and up-scale adaptive and innovative water management strategies, such as MAR solutions, and use of non-conventional water sources to augment aquifer storage (O1).

To improve the cross-sectoral uptake of MAR for climate change adaptation (CCA) and to ensure the adoption of integrated governance models that will guarantee long-term, safe and efficient implementation, based on environmental, social and economic indicators (O2).

To facilitate strengthening the institutional and managerial capacities of stakeholders to take up the integrated approach for planning and implementation of MAR (O3).

To adopt participative approaches to reduce barriers and fortify linkages among water resources managers and water users thus reducing conflicts and increasing social trust (O4).

To demonstrate how the innovative approach for planning and implementation of MAR will lead to better use of freshwater and preservation of natural ecosystem services (O5).