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AGREEMAR proposes an integrated and coordinated methodology to assess and map the feasibility of managed aquifer recharge (MAR) in the Mediterranean basin and safeguard its success through the implementation of an adaptive governance framework. This will be achieved through:

Feasibility mapping

Development of a methodology for the selection of feasible locations for MAR application based on the integration of demand for groundwater-dependent services, conventional and non-conventional water sources, and intrinsic hydrogeological conditions.

Groundwater modelling

Validation of the feasibility maps through numerical models at watershed and local scale to assess the improvements in reliability, vulnerability and resilience provided by the inclusion of MAR schemes in water management schemes.

Governance systems

Development of a general participatory governance framework at regional level and implementation of co-created location-specific agreements for MAR benefits sharing endorsed by cross-sectoral stakeholder groups.

Stakeholders engagement

Implementation of a participative multi-actor approach for fostering the engagement of stakeholders from different societal sectors and actor groups in all stages of project development.

Join our efforts to improve the methodology for MAR feasibility mapping!

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AGREEMAR was present at the 28th Conference of the Hydrogeology Section of the German Geological Society in Aachen, Germany

Between 20-23 March 2024, Dr. Stefan (TUD) attended the 28th Conference of the Hydrogeological Section of the German Geological Society (FH-DGGV) in Aachen, Germany, and presented the latest developments of the web-based INOWAS groundwater modelling platform, including modelling case studies from the AGREEMAR project. Dr Stefan (TUD) presented the INOWAS modelling platform at the 28th Conference of the Hydrogeology Section …

Visit to the Regional Agricultural Authorities of Nabeul governorate (CRDA of Nabeul) and field visit in Korba MAR facility

On 28 February 2024, Dr. Panagiotou (ERATOSTHENES CoE) and Prof. Chekirbane (INAT) visited the headquarters of the Agricultural authorities of Nabeul governorate (CRDA) to discuss the quality status of the aquifer system in Korba and the risks associated with the use of treated wastewater for managed aquifer recharge (MAR). Dr. Panagiotou (ECoE) visiting the Korba MAR site in Tunisia, 28 …

Presentation of MAR feasibility maps in Cyprus to representatives of Water Development Department

A stakeholder meeting was held in the facilities of the Water Development Department on the 29 January 2024. During that meeting, Dr. Panagiotou, PI of the local partner (ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence) of AGREEMAR project, presented the latest outcomes regarding the identification of regions within the Republic of Cyprus which are feasible for installation of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) systems. …

AGREEMAR attended PRIMA Project Day event in Sitges (Barcelona), Spain

On 21 November 2023, PRIMA Foundation organised a meeting of all projects funded through the PRIMA Call 2021 and 2022 from both Section 1 and Section 2 funding lines. The meeting was organised in Sitges, south of Barcelona, Spain and brought over 70 project coordinators and consortium members with PRIMA Project Officers and members of the PRIMA Secretariat Team. Dr …

National Civil Engineering Award 2023 for Prof. Joaquín Andreu, PI of UPV team in the AGREEMAR project

On 25 October 2023, Prof. Joaquín Andreu, PI of the UPV team in the AGREEMAR project, was honored with the National Civil Engineering Award 2023, delivered by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility, and Urban Agenda. The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, has presented the award to Professor Andreu for his brilliant professional career (photo: IIAMA) His …

INOWAS web-based modelling platform presented at the International Riverbank Filtration Conference in Dresden

From 16 to 18 October 2023, the Division of Water Sciences at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences organised the International Riverbank Filtration Conference. The conferences offered a great opportunity to present the latest developments of the web-based groundwater modelling platform INOWAS. Dr. Jana Glass presented the groundwater modelling platform during the International Riverbank Filtration Conference in Dresden, 16-18 October …

Presentation of the final MAR feasibility maps, the constellation analysis and visit to the physical models with the Water Authority of Alentejo (APA/ARH-Alentejo)

On 18 October 2023, the final MAR feasibility maps developed by the AGREEMAR team at LNEC (improved after discussion with APA/ARH-Alentejo on 27 July 2023 meeting) were presented to the main regional stakeholder at the demo region in Portugal, the Water Authority of Alentejo (APA/ARH-Alentejo). Presentation of MAR feasibility maps in Portugal to the Water Authority of Alentejo on 18 October …

Sarah Eisenreich defended her Master’s thesis on MAR feasibility mapping in Cyprus

Sarah Eisenreich defended her Master’s thesis on 27 September 2023 On 27 September 2023 we had the first defence of a Master’s within the framework of the AGREEMAR project. Sarah Eisenreich graduated the Master programme on Hydrology at the Department of Hydrosciences of TU Dresden. Her graduation thesis was entitled “A participatory approach for MAR feasibility mapping considering physical and …