Deliverable D2.1 now online: Matrix of feasibility criteria for managed aquifer recharge

Site suitability maps are widely used to rank the potential of different regions for MAR implementation depending on a set of thematic criteria. A review of over 60 cases of MAR suitability mapping (Sallwey et al., 2018) revealed that most studies are focusing only on intrinsic indicators, for example soil type, land use, geology, widely neglecting other technical and non-technical considerations.Inclusion of additional aspects besides the intrinsic physical characteristics during the multi-criteria decision analysis can lead to a better understanding of the factors that affect the potential for MAR implementation, increasing the validity and outreach of the decision-making processes. Appropriate selection of regions where the implementation of MAR can be considered as feasible requires thorough identification of a larger pool of criteria relevant to MAR systems, especially related to an accurate estimation of the water demand, the qualitative and quantitative water availability for infiltration, the intrinsic site properties, as well as the socio-cultural and economic conditions. 

The objective of this report focuses on the compilation of a feasibility criteria matrix that integrates biophysical, technological, social, economic, environmental, hydrological, institutional and financial parameters obtained from an extensive literature review and through stakeholders’ interactions (interviews with MAR experts and online questionnaires).

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