Meeting between LNEC and general and regional stakeholders in Portugal

On June 27th, the Portuguese partner LNEC had its first meeting with one general stakeholder (ARH-Alentejo: River Basin District Administration of Alentejo) and two regional stakeholders of the region (EDIA: Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estruturas do Alqueva and AgdA: Águas Públicas do Alentejo (Public Waters of Alentejo), to introduce them to the project and to identify other potential stakeholders, including the local ones. The meeting has taken place in Beja, in EDIA’s headquarters. AGREEMAR project objectives were presented, resulting in a great interest from all involved parts, followed by discussing the scarcity problem in the region and having MAR as possible solution.

Meeting between LNEC and representatives of general and regional stakeholders in Portugal, 27 June 2022 (photo: Manuel M. Oliveira)

The main outcome of the meeting was the identification of two main local MAR sites (one being a potential site to be built) having two different recharge water sources (secondary treated wastewater and flash flood water) and use two different MAR techniques (infiltration basins and surface/underground dam). These local sites are likely to be validation areas (numerically modeled), while the whole Alentejo region will be considered for MAR feasibility mapping. The regional stakeholder, the PT Environmental Agency is one of the main participant parties and showed great interest in AGREEMAR outputs.