Validation of the MAR feasibility maps with the Water Authority of Alentejo at the Portuguese demo region

On 27 July 2023, the MAR feasibility maps developed by the AGREEMAR team at LNEC were discussed and validated in a meeting with the main regional stakeholder at the demo region in Portugal, the Water Authority of Alentejo (APA Alentejo).

Representatives from LNEC and APA Alentejo met on 27 July 2023 in Évora to discuss and validate the MAR feasibility maps resulted from the AGREEMAR project

On July 27th, LNEC had its “validation of MAR feasibility map through stakeholders” meeting with the main regional stakeholder, Water Authority of Alentejo (APA Alentejo), in Évora. The results and procedures performed to construct the feasibility map were presented by LNEC, followed by a constructive discussion/suggestions among all concerningthe criteria weights, the original maps reclassification and  criteria considered to construct some maps. Overall, the methodology was accepted and praised. APA Alentejo considers the Feasibility maps an important tool that can provide information needed for the decision procedures and strengthen the outcomes of their daily licensing procedure and future implementation requests for MAR projects.