Validation workshop of the MAR feasibility maps in Cyprus

Online workshop for the validation of feasibility maps in Cyprus

The outcomes of the multi-criteria decision analysis, along with the assumptions/limitations applied to derive the feasibility maps, were discussed with the key stakeholders, particularly members of the Geological Survey and Water Development Department, on 30 August 2023. A step-by-step description of the proposed methodology, the classification of the physical criteria for each thematic layers and associated where discussed to validate them. Subsequently, the resulting suitability maps were presented, which were generally accepted by the stakeholders.

In addition, the Cypriot team presented a number of modifications/improvements which are expected to be applied to the feasibility mapping, which were further elaborated and eventually validated by the stakeholders. It was agreed to meet again during the forthcoming months to present the updated maps in a wider audience that will involve members from additional sectors of the Water Development Department.