Validation workshop of the MAR feasibility maps in Tunisia

On 13 July, the MAR feasibility maps developed by the AGREEMAR team at INAT were validated in a participative workshop attended by representatives of relevant stakeholders in Tunisia.

Participants of the AGREEMAR validation workshop organised by INAT on 13 July 2023 in Tunisia

As part of the participative approach of AGREEMAR project in Tunisia, a validation workshop of the WP2 results with the key stakeholders from national, regional, and local levels was held on 13 July 2023 at the Department of Rural Engineering Water and Forests, Agronomic National Institute of Tunisia (INAT). The MAR feasibility mapping procedure was discussed with representatives from relevant stakeholders in Tunisia. The thematic maps of intrinsic site suitability, water availability and water demand were presented by INAT team and discussed and validated by the participants. The MAR feasibility maps of the demo region of Chiba watershed in Tunisia were developed based on various weights of the three thematic layers. The final MAR feasibility maps were established based on a participative approach where the attendees applied the weighting process using the pairwise matrix method. The workshop was a successful event thanks to the engagement of the Tunisian partners from socio-economic and academic institutions.