Presentation of the final MAR feasibility maps, the constellation analysis and visit to the physical models with the Water Authority of Alentejo (APA/ARH-Alentejo)

On 18 October 2023, the final MAR feasibility maps developed by the AGREEMAR team at LNEC (improved after discussion with APA/ARH-Alentejo on 27 July 2023 meeting) were presented to the main regional stakeholder at the demo region in Portugal, the Water Authority of Alentejo (APA/ARH-Alentejo).

Presentation of MAR feasibility maps in Portugal to the Water Authority of Alentejo on 18 October 2023

The meeting audience was welcomed by the LNEC’s Hydraulics Department Head and APA/ARH-Alentejo Director. A first introduction to constellation analysis method was also presented showing its potential to set up the scene concerning stakeholder’s interaction within AGREEMAR purpose. The Q&A session that followed allowed for the AGREEMAR team to clarify the potential uses of the project outcomes. Finally, a short visit to the ongoing physical models, within APA/ARH-Alentejo’s overall interest, was conducted in LNECs Hydraulics Department pavilion. A more detailed program is shown below:

10:00 – 10:10Welcome and introduction to the visit programAndré Matoso / Helena Alegre
10:10 – 11:00
Brief presentation of the projectTeresa Leitão
Final feasibility map for aquifer recharge management in the Alentejo region and numerical modelTiago Martins
Constellation Analysis as a participatory methodology to support the realization of agreementsKeyla Alpes
11:10 â€“ 11:50
Physical models
Soil-aquifer treatment model for analysing the evolution of water quality during the aquifer recharge process (MARSoluT Project)Marcel Horovitz
Reduced model of the Crato dam (Project for EDP) or model of TuaAntónio Muralha / 
Teresa Viseu
12:00 â€“ 14:00Lunch in the LNEC canteen